Campobrun Alp, covering a strategical position, has always been crossed by ancient populations which moved to Valle dell’Agno. At the end of  1800, it was a boundering with the Austroungaric Empire; after May 24th 1915, when Italy was engaged in the war, this place became important for the supplying of the war material to the Italian Army on Zugna mountain. At that time, in the area, there were two cableways, the bases of which are still clearly visible. After May 15th 1916, there was one of the most violent fights between the Austrian and Italian Armies. All the plain around Campobrun, were covered with tents for the soldiers; even the two small shelters, built in 1800, were changed into telephone center, kitchen, first aid center and small storeroom. At the end of the conflict a lot of Italian soldiers had died all over this place. After November 4th 1918 the area became a wide grazing land; nowadays the small shelters, the caves and the tranches are visible around the refuge. During the second World War, the wide area was stage of  conflicts and shootings against German soldiers who were retreating. In the ‘50s Scalorbi refuge was built, as well as Malga Campobrun.